The Darning Hearts

Rapid City Original and Old Time Music

         The Darning Hearts are a recently formed husband and wife duo based out of Rapid City, SD.  Dylan James is  a veteran "flat picker" who has played with several bluegrass bands and has done his best known work playing in a duo with Jami Lynn.  NaTasha Lee has been a "booker" and promoter of shows for the last 10 years in the Rapid City area and beyond.  NaTasha is a self proclaimed choir nerd and when Dylan was in between projects he said "Hey! We should start a band together" and NaTasha said "OK!"  The rest is history!   NaTasha's high soprano voice has an "old-timey" sound reminiscent of Jean Ritchie, Iris Dement, and other Appalachian folk singers, but maintains the smooth quality of singers such as Joni Mitchel and Joan Baez.  The couple "darns" traditional Appalachian music with 20's and 30's swing music and then infuses it with their unique Darning Hearts flavor.  NaTasha's voice rings perfectly with Dylan's raw, Doc Watson like vocals and heartfelt handmade songs.  The couple recorded their first CD as a duo at the White Wall Sessions(a Midwest TV series) studio in Sioux Falls in late January of 2016 which features ten original songs, and one traditional number, and a jazz standard.  The CD was released in May of 2016 and was followed by a tour covering seven states in the broader midwest region.